I’ve taken part in multiple software projects over the 10+ years I’ve been a developer, working with the likes of Mozilla, WWF, Trinity and The Brit Awards. Such projects gave me valuable insights into developing software for ethical and educational purposes. In sites like Makewaves, Artsbox, Green Ambassadors & Musical Futures I was learning how teachers, artists, pupils and environmentalists could use the web as a tool to help achieve their goals and improve quality of life for themselves and others. I’d say my expertise lies in designing the architecture behind social media where communication can be safe, fun and productive.

The majority of my career has been working with Makewaves where I worked on the architecture and development of our own framework. The ethos behind Makewaves is about finding ways in which young people can use social media and the internet, not as a barrier to education, but as an instrument of learning.

I recently got my Master’s Degree in Software Engineering from Leeds Metropolitan University.
Currently I am working on developing tools to analyse the impact of social networks on young people. As part of Makewaves team we are working on digital badging projects as iDEA and ILM.